The Eznet Story

Tom Stewart was a successful television writer/director/producer. He went out one Saturday morning to buy his daughters a football/soccer net that his daughters could put up and down and carry all on their own. When he could not find one, he made one.

He was awarded a United States patent and generated $747,000.oo in sales via word of mouth and conventions for his net, which took 15 minutes to assemble and take apart, cost $500/each and measured 6x12. Customers were mostly affluent schools and clubs across North America, even the NFL New York youth program, but few mainstream families and schools. Stewart surveyed hundreds of soccer clubs, school AD’s and families to find out why they were not buying his net: too expensive, too complicated, too heavy, was the consensus.

Stewart wanted all schools and families to afford his net and he wanted to build a company, not have just one product. He took a job driving fork truck and re-designed his net into today’s Eznet line of a variety of nets: lighter, simpler, less expensive, and a company, not just a product.

Toms Family

Dr. Tiffanie S. Stewart, Cortney and Ezra Bialy, Tom and Lynne Stewart

Eznet Inc. has been awarded 3 recent United States patents for its innovative corner-piece that works like a human 'elbow' producing a recoiling, solid, rectangular net. Stewart went to China to source bag and mesh makers. He secured factory production in Guelph ON and Georgetown ON. Stewart sold 300 nets and provided 100 free Eznets to worthy supporters as a research project. This gave him real test results. The price was right, the patented corner piece was perfect, the new polypropylene worked, it did not tip or break, the mesh fit properly. Customers were anxious to re-order and provide testimonials. Average schools became great customers. The result was 100% positive. In the process, Stewart laid a branding foundation for innovation and integrity within Canada, and Miami Dade and Duke University in the U.S.

Next, he secured private investment of $300,000.00 to grow the company. Eznet Inc. currently owns $200,000.00 in inventory and has cash reserves of $100,000.00 $CDN. He owns the registered trademarks in Canada "Eznet" and "Every child should have a goal."

Eznet is used , recommended, and Selected Official Net by:

  • Princess Margaret Hospital’s Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer
  • Hockey Night in Canada’s PlayON
  • NHL Hall of Fame’s Ray Scapinello Events
  • Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation Ball Hockey Events
  • City of Hamilton Soccer Jamborees
  • Arcillor-Defasco Refugee Soccer Program – Hamilton Ontario
  • London Ontario Catholic School Board
  • Sarnia Ontario Soccer Club
  • AG-London Ontario SC
  • Royal York Ontario SC
  • Pine Crest Newfoundland SC
  • Pickering Ontario SC
  • Niagara Falls FC
  • TFC2
  • Dwayne DeRosario Foundation – Toronto Ontario
  • Mathew’s House Foundation – British Columbia


Previously, Stewart was an acclaimed professional filmmaker.

He created a television telethon for leukemia research, a phonics video for pre-schoolers celebrated by the Toronto Star and national educators and he created television Public Service Announcements to reduce child sexual assault, applauded by all important agencies and by Maureen McTeer, the then Prime Minister’s wife. He created a prime-time television drama, "No Place Like Home" which the Globe and Mail claimed: "Finally, proof that Canadians can make well-crafted drama". He has been applauded by school boards for his inspiring classroom visits. He was selected from inventors across Canada to host a Discovery Channel Series called Patent Bending.

He appeared on Canada’s television series "Dragons’ Den", where it was revealed he is a former homeless person.

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