At least 18 children have been killed by recreational sports nets, hockey and soccer. Imagine losing your child to a soccer or hockey net.

How? Quite easily.

  1. Puck bounces off net into child’s head causing death
  2. Head becomes entangled in mesh causing strangulation
  3. Head impacts post from falling
  4. Chin-up attempt from top bar topples net causing skull fracture

EZNET, designed by a caring soccer father, eliminates this risk.

It is different. It has a unique solid frame that recoils to absorb impact.

Tested and proven by school boards, soccer clubs, tournaments and parents. It has been awarded three patents.

  1. Frame absorbs puck impact and puck drops to ground
  2. Mesh openings too small for head
  3. Frame absorbs head impact leaving only slight bruise
  4. Frame recoils to concave leaving child safely on ground with chin-up

There is no current CSA standardization for sports goals in Canada.

At Eznet, we are parents who care.

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