Innovation: The process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay.


Michael A. Levine: Lawyer, literary agent and executive producer. "From the moment Tom visited me, with magnificent dreams, while living in the back of a truck, I recognized someone who Malcolm Gladwell so brilliantly described as 'an outlier'. Tom's imagination and drive, as well as his profound humanism, guarantees his success."

Michael A. Levine


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Homeless World Cup

Lynne and Tom
Homeless World Cup, Glasgow 2016


Personal Background

After being homeless, living in a truck in a downtown Toronto laneway for a year, Tom Stewart taught himself to be a television cameraman with Global, then field producer with CFTO, a studio director with CHCH, then eventually, an Executive Producer and Creator of the prime-time drama "No Place Like Home", for which the Globe and Mail wrote: "Finally, proof that Canadians can make well-crafted drama". He also created and produced a telethon for leukemia research with Channel 4 Buffalo that featured Alan Eagleson, Paul Godfrey, then-Premier Bill Davis and more. Stewart created and produced public service announcements directed to reducing child abuse. They were applauded by all government agencies. Stewart even received a letter from the then Prime Minister's wife Maureen McTeer. He created and produced 'alphabet troupe', a film to teach pre-schoolers phonetics and kinesthetic skills, featured by the Toronto Star, CityLine and Canada AM. He hosted "Patent Bending" on Discovery Channel, a 13-part prime-time series that beat Myth Busters in the ratings.

Eznet is born

Stewart was about to make another TV series based on his ‘alphabet troupe’ model, when he went out on a Saturday morning to buy his daughters a portable soccer net. When he could not find what he wanted, he started researching. He learned that 15 children had died from badly designed portable soccer nets. He bought every net he could and studied their flaws. He took two years to design Eznet, then tested this design in real situations with soccer and hockey leagues for three years. After three years without any injury incidents, or cracks or tears, Eznet Inc. was born. The frame is made in a factory in Guelph and Georgetown, with the mesh and bag made in China, by a reputable factory hand-selected by Tom. Eznet boasts 3 patents and 2 owned trademarks in Canada: "Eznet" and "Every child should have a goal." His Partnerships are with some of the most prestigious groups in the world, known themselves for integrity. Eznets are now trusted by soccer clubs and schools and families throughout Canada and parts of the United States, and globally through the Homeless World Cup Foundation. They are used exclusively by the London Catholic School Board, Road Hockey To Conquer Cancer, Hockey Night in Canada's PlayON, Hometown Hockey with Ron MacLean, Ray Scapinello, Vanessa Lagunas-Martinez and more. Stewart only sells through this website right now.

Toms Family

Dr. Tiffanie S. Stewart, Cortney and Ezra Bialy, Tom and Lynne Stewart